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Have you ever heard about medicine or spiritual healer ?

Following the success of best seller book Eat Play Love by Elizabeth Gilbert ; spiritual healer become popular among tourist in Bali . Mostly those who experienced the spiritual healing feeling better emotionally and full of positive energy to be the better human being even heal them self . Positive energy brings positive attitude and life style to the patient . Spiritual healer has been existing among Balinese and become the part of Balinese tradition since BC .

Spiritual healer is a person who dedicated him/herself to walk on the spiritual path and blessed by God with the spiritual ability to healing. “Made Lunas” is one of young respected Spiritual Healer , born and raised within the beautiful and serine traditional Kemenuh Village , he has been a Spiritual healer for over 15 years and now he has opened his house to non – residential of many different nationalities .

Made Lunas Spiritual Healer Ubud Bali

Made Lunas” believes in “Good Karma”, and used his gift as a healer to heal, help and guide people through many different life journey. His House situated close to lush paddy field and breath taking jungle, Made’s warm welcoming house is perfect for you to “Heal your body , Open your mind , and start loving your soul

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Address: Jl Ki Pasung Grigis Blok IV/30 , Banjar Tengkulak Kaja Desa Kemenuh , Kecamatan Sukawati
Phone: +6281 3377 69264

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